Tobacco Prevention and Traditional Games

Here at Helena Indian Alliance, we promote healthy habits and learning tools. For more information contact Quincy B. at 442-9244 ext. 206

“The Helena Indian Alliance Tobacco Prevention Program offers unique essential oil quit kits, craving kicker kits, as well as informational packets for smokers as well as parents of youth who use tobacco to help with quitting. The AI-specific tobacco prevention program at HIA also offers cultural practices as an aid to quitting commercial tobacco.

Activities include: traditional games teachings and playing, traditional tobacco education, beading, sewing and dancing lessons encompassing the philosophy of “tradition is prevention” as a key role in quitting commercial tobacco addiction with adults and youth.

The tobacco prevention program at HIA is a part of the American Indian tobacco prevention programs throughout all reservations and 3 urban areas in Montana, throughout the year the 10 AI programs partner to provide AI youth-specific activities including summer camps focused on traditional tobacco education, commercial tobacco prevention, self-expression through theatre, girls empowerment camps, GONA camps, and traditional games trainings. If you have a youth who is interested in being involved please contact TPS Quincy Bjornberg for more information. or call (406)442-9244 ext. 206

Montana Facts and Figures

  • More than 1,600 Montanans die each year from tobacco-related diseases. (TFK, 2015)
  • Every year, Montanans pay more than $440 million in medical expenditures attributable to smoking; businesses pay more than $368 million in lost productivity due to illness and time off. (TFK, 2015)
  • 20% of all adults in Montana smoke, and 43% of American Indian adults in Montana smoke. (BRFSS, 2014)
  • Montana adult males use spit tobacco at a rate that is almost double the national average (15% compared to 8%). (BRFSS, 2014)
  • 13% of Montana youth are current cigarette smokers and 12% are current smokeless tobacco users. (YRBS, 2015)
Quitting Smoking Checklist
Top 10 Tips